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Read about the positive impact happening around the globe with each cup of coffee consumed.


Peruvian Coffee: In a World of Its Own for Week

There are two qualities that make Peruvian coffee stand out: the remote, high-altitude location where it grows and the collective work of the farmers who have turned the country into the world’s foremost producer of organic coffee. Still, many people don’t think of Peru when they’re in the market for coffee. With a neighbor like […]

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Brazilian Coffee: World Renowned and Distinctive

  It is impossible to discuss coffee without bringing up Brazil. The South American country is just as well-known globally for coffee production as it is for the beautiful beaches along its coast. Coffee’s rich history in Brazil has even become legend. Back in 1727, Lt. Col. Francisco de Mello Palheta, who was sent by […]

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Indonesian Coffee: Escape To a Different World of Flavor

The many microclimates and different elevations in Indonesia produce coffee that is highly renowned. With a production level of 540,000 metric tons in 2014, according to the International Coffee Association, Indonesia is the 4th largest producer of coffee in the world. The coffee industry in Indonesia is largely comprised of smaller operations resulting in more […]

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Honduras: A Range Of Flavor

In 2011, Honduras climbed to the top of coffee production in Central America. This is no small feat considering the challenges that coffee growers have faced. While coffee has been grown here since the 1800s, the industry struggled due to export issues and political problems. A lack of good shipping methods meant that most of […]

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coffee villages seal

Where does your coffee come from? – Papua New Guinea

Ever wonder where your coffee comes from? At Camano Island Coffee Roasters, we love our Papua New Guinea Light and Medium roasts, and we also love the beautiful island nation just north of Australia. Origins of Coffee in Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea coffee plantations were first planted 120 years ago. Historical records attribute […]

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danau toba lake scenery and unactive volcano

Where does Sumatran Coffee come from?

When Sumatra is mentioned many people have to think for a minute to realize where it is—if they know at all.  Sumatra is located in Indonesia, and is part of the Sunda Islands. In Sanskrit, Sumatra means “Island of Gold,” so it should come as no surprise to you that Sumatran farmers grow truly exceptional, world-class […]

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Space Needle Vintage

Tomorrow’s Future Is A Nicaraguan Village

he Space Needle is a sign of home to all of us who live here in the Pacific Northwest. I see it and am reminded of the dreams of tomorrow – flying cars, hoverboards and other far fetched technologies. While thinking of these “modern” ideas, I start to ask myself, what if those futuristic dreams […]

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Establishing Generational Change in Honduras

In the rural hills of Northwestern Honduras, generational change has become a reality for the Agros villagers. The town of Bella Vista is an evolving success story, bringing prosperity to its people through transformational coffee purchasing. Although this region has experienced hardship, fathers and mothers no longer worry about their children’s future. Bella Vista, A Community Of Hope In […]

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