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Read about the positive impact happening around the globe with each cup of coffee consumed.


Bringing Convenience To Rural Nicaragua

Bringing Convenience To Rural Nicaragua Through hard work, a hand up from Agros, and some luck Rosario Calderon Garcia brought convenience to rural Nicaragua. Read her story below. Hard, physical work is nothing new to Rosario, 36. She joined her father in the fields of rural Nicaragua fulltime at age 17. “I’ve always been a […]

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Bringing Clean Water To Nicaragua: Petronillo’s Story

Bringing Clean Water To Nicaragua “Access to clean water is the biggest problem we have in Nicaragua,” Petronilo Lopez Diaz, the San Jose President says frankly. “In Nicaragua we have to bring clean water from a long way away and there are only three water points in the community for 29 families.” Getting Clean Water […]

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Norlan’s Chilis: A Labor of Love

Norlan’s Chilis: A Labor of Love Norlan is a rock star pepper farmer Norlan Lopez lives in San Jose, one of our villages in Nicaragua. Before choosing to work with Agros, he knew only corn and beans . “I didn’t know anything [about vegetables],” he told us, shyly. But highly technical crops like vegetables, coffee, […]

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Uncovering Hidden Treasure: Henrry and Maria’s Story

Uncovering Hidden Treasure: Henrry and Maria’s Story What Henry Hopkins, 35, lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in personality and determination. The small, energetic man is not afraid of hard, physical work or responsibility. He will do whatever is necessary to be able to provide for his family: his wife, Maria, as […]

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Backyard Tilapia Farming: German and Ester’s Story

Backyard Tilapia Farming: German and Ester’s Story For years farmers like Germán were forced to work for giant haciendas in the region of Piedra de Horeb in Honduras. But, German with the help of Agros found another way to provide for his family — backyard tilapia farming. German looked to backyard tilapia farming. But in […]

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Nuevo Futuro staff and community promoters

Nuevo Futuro: The Colombian Farm Of New Futures

Nuevo Futuro: The Colombian Farm Of New Futures Your Coffee Is Supporting New Futures In Colombia Nuevo Futuro or New Futures is a small association of 200 indigenous Colombian coffee producers. These producers are lead by the dynamic, Luz Elva Chacon. Chacon feels Nuevo Futuro will be successful because they work together to promote ownership […]

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Origin Of Taste: Why Your Coffee Tastes So Great

  Much like a fine wine, coffee develops varietal characteristics based on the region where it is grown. Here are a few factors that affect the flavor and taste profile of your favorite beverage.   Shade Grown Coffee When we refer to shade grown coffee, we usually mean that the surrounding land has not been […]

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